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Quote Tool for Landscaping Services

Hardscapes-Flatwork (measured in square feet – sq. ft.)

Patios, Walks and Driveways

Description $/Sq. Ft. Qty. Total
Pavers (INTERLOCKING) $20/sq.ft.
Concrete (non colored, broom finish) $12/sq.ft.
Decomposed Granite/DG (not including headerboard) $5/sq.ft.
Flagstone (see note below)* $25/sq.ft.
Decking (please call for a quote, costs vary depending on materials, etc.)

*Flagstone is set on a mortar bed on top of compacted road base material. The area surrounding the flagstone could be either decorative rock, DG (decomposed granite) or groundcover. If groundcover is used there would be an additional fee for the required irrigation. Custom flagstone installation is set on top of a concrete slab with tight mortar grout joints. Cost for this application is highly variable and more expensive than the type of application listed above (please call for a quote).

Fencing, Retaining and Garden Walls (measured in Linear Feet - LF)

Description $/LF Qty. Total
Wood Fencing - basic, 6 feet high $50/LF
Wood Fencing - custom, 6 feet high $75/LF
Wood Retaining Wall - 2 feet high $40/LF
Allan Block Walls - (gray), 3 feet high $100/LF
Europa Block Walls - 3 feet high $125/LF
Masonry Walls - 3 feet high $150/LF

(cost of block or poured-in-place concrete walls, does not include Stucco finishing)

Lawns – Sod Installation (measured in sq.ft.)

costs vary depending on soil type, sod type, access to the site, and delivery fees (average cost = $1.50 - $2.50/sq. ft.)

Description $/Sq. Ft. Qty. Total
Lawn – Sod $2/sq. ft.

Plantings: includes installation (labor), plants and soil amendment

(enter the estimated quantity of each size plant desired)

Size Container $/Unit Qty. Total
6 packs or pony packs $30/unit
4” Pots $9.50/unit
1 Gallon $18/unit
5 Gallon $56/unit
15 Gallon Shrubs $160/unit
15 Gallon Trees $170/unit
24” Box Trees $400/unit

Bark Mulch ($/cubic yard – cu.yd.) installed

Description $/cu. yd. Qty. Total
Gorilla Hair Bark Mulch $110/cu. yd.
Walk-on or Petite Walk-on Bark Mulch $120/cu. yd.
Specialty Bark Mulch (Mini, Black, etc.) $135/cu. yd.

Other Features

Description $/sq.ft. Qty. Total
Dry Creekbeds (w/cobble & boulders) $25/sq. ft.
Irrigation Systems (costs vary considerably, please contact us for more information)
Outdoor Lighting (costs vary considerably, please contact us for more information)

Total Estimated Cost *

*Please keep in mind that every project is unique and that all costs can vary depending on your specific site. All costs listed above are approximate, and do not include the costs of clearing the property of any existing landscaping or hardscaping and grading. Each property presents different variables including, but not limited to: site access, soil type, terrain, proximity to disposal site, the type of debris to be cleared in preparation for your new landscaping, and the materials used. The actual cost of installation will be provided to you before starting your project.

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