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Plants add color, texture and interest to your landscape. There are a variety of plant types for you to choose from that include Flowering Annuals and Perennials, Succulents, Groundcovers, Hedges, Grasses, Trees, and Edibles. Plants can be placed directly in the ground, in raised beds, in pots, or grown vertically as Living Walls.

Types of Plant Landscaping

Borders and Beds

Annuals and perennials add color, texture and interest to your landscape, as well as attracting birds and butterflies.


Drought tolerant plants used as groundcovers help conserve water, deter weeds and prevent erosion. Mulches are also a good alternative to a living groundcover.


Hedges make ideal natural fences, borders, and create privacy.


Trees can be used for shade and wind protection, or to create privacy. Edible fruit trees provide you with bounty and beauty.

Living Walls

Living Walls can create privacy, reduce unwanted noise, and add beauty to any area. In small areas Living Walls can expand your gardening opportunities.

Specimen Plants

Use a specimen plant with a bold texture or appearance to add visual interest or as a focal point in the landscape.

Potted Plants

Potted plants in beautiful containers can create focal points, and have the flexibility of being easily relocated.

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