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Bring your beautiful landscaping to life at night with a professional landscape lighting design and installation. Both beautiful and functional, outdoor lighting adds the finishing touch to any landscape project. There are multiple types of lighting that can be added to give different effects: Up Lighting, Down Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Wall Lighting, Step Lighting and Accent Lighting.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Up Lighting

Up lighting is used to create a dramatic effect by highlighting architectural elements, garden artwork or sculptures, a water fountain, or a specific plant or tree. This light source is mounted or recessed in the ground and is angled upwards.

Down Lighting

Down lighting is used to gently provide area light to spaces such as patios, dining areas and sitting areas, or to accent a focal point. This light source can be mounted or hung from an overhead structure such as a pergola, arbor, or gazebo. For an elegant moonlight effect, down lights can be hung from trees to help illuminate a garden sculpture, carved stonework, or natural elements of interest.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting can be as simple as a few lights placed at corners and steps, or along a garden path to help illuminate a walkway clearly. Pathway lights can be used to create points of interest on groundcover or low shrubbery, highlighting the variety of texture, shapes and colors. This light source is set relatively close to the ground and is essential for the safety of you and your guests.

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting is used to illuminate a defined space, such as patios, decks and stairways. Wall lighting can also be used to aesthetically highlight architectural details such as fine stone or wood work. This light source is installed during construction and is usually placed above head level or at waist level, allowing your guests to transition from space to space in comfort and safety.

Step Lighting

Similar to wall lighting, step lighting is installed during construction and is used to illuminate steps. This light source is installed in stair risers or on stair railings and is essential for the safety of you and your guests.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds dramatic interest to your nightscape and is selectively used to direct attention to an entry way, garden artwork, a specific plant or tree, or to a specific area in your garden.

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